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04 Aug 2013 

How to Land Up With Advanced Online Backup Services?

Are you in quest of an advanced online backup service? Well, online backup is getting increasingly popular for both personal and business data backup these days. Surely you would always want to have an optimal backup for your memorable photos and valuable business data that can cannot be assured from local in-house backup. The post below suggests a few tips on how to land up with high quality online backup services.

The first tip is to carry a market survey on 5-6 potential virtual backup service providers. You have to study each of the company websites thoroughly and pick out the most reputed and compatible one among the lot. You can take the help of expert reviews here available online. Then, check out whether your chosen virtual data backup service provider is equipped to support you with automatic real time backup solution. There should be scheduled recurring backup provision where you will be able to set a schedule for the backup system on which it would automatically update the online database the moment there is any change in the local database. You should have the facility to manage backups for every computer in your office in one solo account.

Then, if you are considering the online data backup for business files, check out beforehand that the selected virtual backup system is particularly optimized to cater to large businesses. Finally you must get encrypted backup solution. This is a highly crucial factor as encrypted data backup is necessary to assure ultimate privacy & security for your database from unethical hackers. Some of the leading virtual backup providers offer the basic service free of cost.

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02 Jul 2013 

Creating Online Backup For Your Business Data

If you own a business, then you will obviously agree with the fact that one of the biggest concerns for a business is keeping its data safe and secure. Business data has existential importance for any business and you might lose all your data if your computer crashes or there is a fire or burglary in your office. So, what can you do to ensure the safety of your data? Well, you can get online backup services from companies that offer backup of all the online data to their clients. These companies function by creating encrypted backups for the online data of their clients and store it in a remote location, where there is complete safety and security. Most of these companies offer advanced online backup wherein they encrypt the data of their clients by applying several levels of encryptions on them. This means that even if someone gets hold of your confidential business, he will not be able to decode and decipher it. If anything happens to your computer and you lose all the data, the company from which you have hired the services of online backup will retrieve the data for you.

After you hire the services of one such company, the creation of backups of your online data will be automated. So, as soon as you create a new file on your computer, it will be encrypted and stored on a remote server. This means, that you will never ever have to be bothered about separately creating backups for every new file you create. Whenever, a backup for your new file is created, you will be notified via an email. This makes keeping track of the files a lot easier.

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03 Jun 2013 

Main Features of Online Backup Services

If you think online backup services are only used for storing important documents then you are wrong because there are many other functions and characteristics that these services have. This article will list down the main features of these backup services.

Advanced Archiving: Any backup service will provide for file archiving. This way if any file is deleted or overwritten mistakenly it can be stored in a different archived location and then referred to again if required in the future. This means the service will provide an additional protection against any unintentional errors.

Advanced Reporting: Every service must provide for two kinds of reports. The first one is a report that gives detailed information of the folders that are backed up, the size of the backup file, backup duration and failure or success reports of the backup process. The other report is a kind of a summary of each and every backup procedure. Plus the user should also get an email notification of the reports and backup progression.

QoS service: Internet backup always support QoS (quality of service). This way the bandwidth usage is reduced and the CPU utilization is done according to the user’s requirements. This allows resource availability for other services or applications being used on the user’s network or system.

The advanced online backup services provide backup to files that are usually left open like the SQL database documents or outlook files and also for locked up files. If your device is stolen, then the remote data wipeout facility will delete your files from the stolen device. This means no unauthorized person can view your files. Network backup, multi-site backup, Remote IP address locator, etc. are some of the other features of the backup services.

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22 May 2013 

Characteristics Making Online Backup Effortless

Nowadays, you will notice that everything, whether it is a video, document, music, photo, design work or anything else, is always stored in the computer. Computer is considered to be a safe haven for all our documents. But is this really true? No, it is not. Computer is a machine which can be destroyed by any computer virus, natural disaster, power surge, hacker, etc. Thus it is advised to utilize the services of the advanced online backup provider. Each of the company that provides these backup services ensure that they provide fast, quick and easy to use services to all its customers. Here are some characteristics that make online backup effortless.

Online backup system is based on software that is provided by the company itself. This software must be easy to install and use. It should carry out tasks like collection, compression, transfer of documents, etc. quickly and efficiently. Online backup should also offer flexible restore options to the users via the restore window. This restore window should allow de-encryption, unzipping and restoration of files/folders.

Documents are also allowed to be accessed via the internet itself. Therefore it becomes convenient for the people who can use their normal internet browser to recover stored files. Online backup services offer two kinds of replication:

•    Scheduled Backup- In this type, you can back up your files as and when your time schedule permits you.

•    Fast Synchronization: In this the files are continuously replicated and transferred to the remote file server.

Advanced archiving, advanced reporting, QoS service, remote IP address locator, multi-site backup, network backup, Non-VSS & VSS backup, opened & locked document backup, etc. are other features that make online backup easy.

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16 Apr 2013 

Folder Synchronization Services Are Really Dependable

As per the available date at the present moment, the number of computer professionals is enhancing at a fast pace and that is certainly good. With increasing threats of various types, the safety and security of the personal database has been under severe amount of risks. Apart from official and business related files and folder, people also have a lot of personal files with precious pictures, videos, and other information. These can be lost at once if the system faces a technical challenge.

That is where the concept of virtual drive synchronization comes into play. The entire concept behind this is totally technical. The users are usually offered virtual drive which they need to add and activate in their personal server. They can store all their data and folders in this virtual drive which is totally safe against all threats. They can store their files and folders with confidence. This system is also known as remote drive synchronization as the drive is not located inside their system and that is why it is safe against threats. The performance of the folders can be affected due to technical reasons of the servers but the data remains absolutely safe.

The most important thing about folder synchronization is that the folders remain readily available for use from multiple locations with ease. People may use the folders from various locations, update them after their use, and store them back in the remote drive for future uses. The access is fast, safe, and totally free from any virus or malware affection. These wonderful advantages have made this service extremely popular everywhere. Moreover, the increase in its popularity is guaranteed and it is just a matter of time.

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